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Would you like to have more time to do the work you love?

Are you struggling to find time to grow your business?

Do you wish you could find consistent, quality administrative support to help you manage your clients, programs, events, operations and marketing efforts?

Joanne Lehmkuhl - Virtual Assistant ServicesIf you answered yes to any of these questions then relax and stay awhile! You have come to the right place, and I have just the solution for you!

My name is Joanne Lehmkuhl, owner of Virtual Ms Moneypenny.  My mission is to help solo-service professionals and micro business owners overcome their administrative overwhelm so they can increase profits in their business!

The following frequently asked questions and answers are an opportunity for you to get to know me better.  Be sure to visit the entire website for more detailed information on the benefits of working with an Administrative Support Specialist, my service offering, and what people are saying about me!

How long have you been doing what you do and why?

Before starting my own company, I worked as a high-level Executive Assistant for over 16 years in various industries, including High Tech, Life Science and Venture Capital, providing administrative support to Chairmen, CEOs, Presidents, and Managing Directors.  While working at a Venture Capital firm, I became involved with small business owners/entrepreneurs and developed an abiding respect and appreciation for their spirit and resilience.  I also noticed a particular challenge many faced; the lack of consistent administrative help needed to support and grow their business.  They were in desperate need of part-time support but the alternatives had proven disappointing or inconsistent at best.

At about the same time I realized something very important about myself…I too had the entrepreneurial spirit!  And so the opportunity to achieve the dream of owning my own company arrived shortly thereafter in the form of the Virtual Assistance Industry, offering a way for me to provide part-time, quality, administrative support.  And after careful, detailed planning, Virtual Ms. Moneypenny LLC was born!  Today I am proud to offer several part-time monthly support packages to choose from that are designed for solo-service professionals, entrepreneurs, micro-business owners just like you!  Be sure to visit the Solutions Page of this website for a detailed outline of services provided.

I am lucky to have two career passions.  In addition to my vast skill set as an Administrative Support Specialist, I am a certified Author’s Assistant helping aspiring and seasoned authors of non-fiction books by coordinating the publishing process from start to finish.  When I was a young girl, my quest for knowledge and adventure lead me to books instead of television, and that is still true today. I sincerely enjoy helping authors impart their unique and important message to the world.  The publishing process can be daunting and time consuming, and many authors are busy business owners themselves with little time to spare.  An Author’s Assistant can help speed up the process, keep the project on budget, and help maximize marketing exposure and book sales once published.  Please visit the Author Support page on this website for more detailed information.

Who are your ideal clients?

I enjoy working in the private sector with established small business owners (at least 2 years in business), entrepreneurs, and solo-service professionals, who are passionate about growing their business but lacking the time and energy to do so.  My clients often come to me feeling overwhelmed with managing their existing client base, find themselves continually trying to catch up on emails, voicemails, newsletters, managing networking contacts, bill-paying, invoicing, blogging, and paperwork, instead of spending valuable time doing what they do best (making more money for their business), and spending time with friends and family.  They are ready to commit to on-going, long-term, administrative support and understand they must first invest in their business in order to take it to the next level.

Examples of industries/professionals I enjoy working with are: Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Life/Personal Coaches, Marketing Coaches, Speakers, Attorneys, Interior Decorators, Business Consultants, Financial Planners/Advisors, Property Management Professionals, and Real Estate Agents to name a few.

How are you different from other Virtual Assistants?

Consistency: With Virtual Ms Moneypenny LLC you will receive consistent service each day, week, month and year.  A complaint I unfortunately hear often within the Industry is the lack of reliability among Virtual Assistants.  I have always worked under the highest level of standards and expectations and I carry this forward into my own business.  I pride myself on creating an extraordinarily professional experience for my clients, similar to what they would find in the “corporate world” but with the added benefit of having a partner who is self-directed and proactively looking for ways to improve upon systems and operations!  This is a full-time business and has my full focus and commitment.  I am not working around another “job” or family obligations that distract me during normal business hours.  You will never question what my hours are, how to contact me or whether or not a project will be completed and on time.

Business Acumen/Savvy: I have had the good fortune of working in the heart of Silicon Valley for most of my “corporate years” and have experienced many of the aspects and nuances of running a company.  The experience I have gained working in such an environment, along with running my own business, enables me to provide sophisticated, quality suggestions for systemizing and improving your operations based on successful business practices I have personally witnessed or have implemented myself.

Superb Communication: I am accustomed to articulating my thoughts clearly and succinctly with high-level professionals in any given field.  Whether it’s working with clients, colleagues, constituents or vendors, you can rest assured you will ALWAYS be represented by me professionally, intelligently and with conscience, no matter with whom I am interacting or under what circumstances.  You will be able to hand off many important but time consuming aspects of your business communications, and even personal communications, with ease knowing it is being well handled.

Why type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

Most of my clients are high-level achievers; intelligent business owners who are passionate, hard-working, dedicated, and focused on their goals; they are courageous; they make no excuses for the challenges they are facing; they are willing and able to make investments in their business in order for it to grow; they are optimists; they are natural collaborators-willing to work as partners and open to suggestions for making improvements; they are fair-minded, respectful and emotionally mature; they appreciate and strive for a balance between work and their personal lives; they take responsibility for their decisions, and the results produced.

What type of professional is not the best fit for you?

I work best with established business owners who have traction in their business and are ready, willing and able to delegate tasks that do not directly affect their bottom line.  Making an investment in support for your company takes courage, resilience and money.  If you are just opening up shop, limited on capital, this may not be the right solution for you YET.  My part-time support packages are meant to provide on-going, long-term support and each requires a 3-month commitment.

I also am not at my best working with the following personality characteristics: chronic procrastinators, bullies, those lacking appreciation for the contribution of administrative professionals, those with an employee/boss mentality, those seeking the lowest price (not value), and those who do not take responsibly for themselves, their decisions, or the results of their actions.  If you fall into these categories, with all due respect, I hope you understand we would probably not experience the best results by working well together.

What are past clients saying about their experience working with you?

They think I am a rock star!  Visit my Virtual Assistant Testimonials page for some examples!

What results can I expect working with you?

  • You will have more time to do the work you love
  • You will be able to devote more time to growing your business and increasing your revenue
  • You will have a stronger business foundation with more efficient, streamlined operations that will continue to contribute to business growth well into the future.
  • You will have more time and energy to focus on friends, family and hobbies.
  • You will have less stress leading to better overall health.
  • You will work with a resourceful, reliable, professional, fun business partner! I have an extensive business network and numerous resources to share as needed.

How quickly can I expect results?

Most of my clients experience positive results immediately.  Within the first week they are able to take advantage of the extra time in their day to pursue and follow up on more networking and marketing opportunities, which in turn create more revenue for their business.  They are able to focus on what they do best and enjoy the most.  They have more time to spend with the ones they love.  And they sleep so much better knowing their business operations are in the hands of a true professional and someone who really cares!

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