Virtual Author’s Assistant: What does an author’s assistant do?

Find out what a virtual author's assistant does

Do you have a book inside that is eager to get out but you don’t know where to start?

The publishing process can be very daunting, but a Virtual Author’s Assistant can help you understand the process, save time, stay on budget, and ensure a professional, quality book to maximize exposure and sales after publication!

The following is an outline of the process from start to finish and how an Author’s Assistant can help along the way:

Pre-Publishing Administration/Manuscript Preparation

  • Inventory/organize intellectual property
  • Research target readers
  • Fact-checking/obtaining permissions
  • Coordinate professional peer/target reader reviews
  • Research potential publishers
  • Help with competitive assessment to be included in book proposal to publisher
  • Preparing manuscript to submit to publishers in compliance of their specifications

If Self-Publishing:

  • Help set up DBA and Federal Tax ID #
  • Help locate and coordinate the professional services of a book cover designer, a book interior designer, a copywriter for marketing copy, photographer for author photo, an indexer, proofreader and printer/distributor

Book Cover Design:

  • Coordinate testimonials for book’s back cover
  • Obtain the ISBN #
  • Price the book
  • Obtain a bar code

Interior Book Design:

  • Help provide information for the copyright page such as the national library cataloguing information
  • Coordinate the Dedication, Acknowledgements, Foreward and Preface with designer


  • Select printer and establish account
  • Order and review proof copy
  • Help register the copyright


Whether a book is self-published or published through a publisher, it is the author’s responsibility to market and sell the book.  Marketing should be carefully planned well before the publication date in order to create massive exposure and sales after publication.

Basic Marketing:

  • Coordinate the author web site or web pages
  • Coordinate the Media Kit
  • Coordinate collateral materials (bookmarks, event
  • posters, postcards, other)
  • List the book on Amazon and maximize the content page

Traditional Marketing:

  • Coordinate press release distribution
  • Send out copies of the book for review
  • Submit articles to article data banks
  • Enter the book in awards competitions

Internet Marketing:

  • Coordinate development of a blog, podcast or Internet radio show
  • Set up and optimize social media networking sites
  • Create a newsletter or special report
  • Coordinate  an Amazon Best Seller campaign or other email campaign

Event Marketing:

  • Coordinate a book launch party
  • Coordinate a virtual book tour
  • Coordinate speaking engagements for back-of-the-room sales
  • Coordinate exhibiting opportunities such as book fairs

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