Build a Stronger Business Foundation: Your Clients Will Love You For It!

Most of us strive to be the best at what we do and prove this every day in the products and services we provide to our clients. Our customers in turn are loyal and rely on us to be there for them during the long haul. And then “life happens.” This is where many small business owners get into trouble. There may be times you are called away from your business unexpectedly. If you don’t have a strong enough foundation in place your business operations could suffer at the cost of your clients.

By having a few basic components in place, you can minimize the impact of life’s curveballs and be the established business owner your clients are counting on. Below are 3 important areas to focus on when creating a solid foundation for your business:

Create Systems: Think of a situation in your business that requires regular action and attention. Maybe it’s staying in touch with prospects or welcoming new clients on board. Or backing up your computer or billing your clients. Take a minute, write down the steps it takes to accomplish these tasks, and then brainstorm on how to automate it; perhaps it’s creating document templates or utilizing technology for better efficiency. For example my client billing is now fully automated through Freshbooks, an online invoicing system.

Documentation: Create an Operations Manual for your business. Document and organize all those great systems you just created in one place, and keep record of important elements of your business, such as client contact information, your business accounts, vendors, team members, insurance information, etc. You are creating a driver’s manual for your business that you or someone else can easily refer to and follow if necessary.

Build Your Team: It takes a village to run a small business. I fell asleep many a night with Nolo Press on my chest until I realized it was impossible to be an expert at everything and not very practical. The best thing you can do for your sanity and your business is to utilize the professionals who exist to support you. Make them part of your team, part of your success. Start with the team members that make the most sense for you. My recommended dream team: CPA, Bookkeeper, IT Support, Administrative Support Specialist, Legal Consultant, Web Designer, Business Coach.

By creating the proper foundation and support for your business, you set yourself apart from your competition and show your ideal clients that you care enough about your business to care about theirs!

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