Virtual Assistant Testimonials

“Have you ever found someone so perfect for the job that you feel you might have imagined them?
Joanne Lehmkuhl is exactly that person for me.  I had avoided hiring a Virtual Assistant until I discovered Joanne.  I interviewed several other companies, none of which came close to the level of professionalism that I was I was seeking.

I worried that the time zone difference might be a problem,  that I might feel out of control, that an assistant might take advantage of my not being there, that deadlines might not be met,  and on and on with all of the things you might be worried about, as well.  Your worries will abruptly cease if you hire Joanne.

Even though we are on opposite coasts, she has very quickly become my trusted right arm.  I even wear a dual time zone watch now so that no matter where I am in the world, I know exactly what time it is for her.  I honestly do not know how I managed for so long without her.  Joanne’s extensive experience, training and years spent at the highest levels of corporate America shines through in her professionalism.  Her credentials are impeccable.

She is intelligent, articulate, organized, resourceful and driven by her own need for accomplishment.  As an entrepreneur herself, Joanne understands and frequently anticipates what I will need before I ask.  Joanne has the ability, tact and gracious manners to deal with any of my clients, vendors, colleagues and even family.  I completely trust her to act on my behalf.  Her honesty and sincerity are unquestionable assets.  Her discretion is unparalleled.

I have had many assistants in my career and I can honestly say that Joanne is the Best of the Best.  I hope she will be with me for a very long time.  If you are searching for an assistant who always goes the extra mile, I would urge you to contact Joanne and schedule a conversation.  I assure you, you will not be disappointed.  She is worth her weight in gold to me and my company.  Just don’t even think about taking her away from me!

Should you need additional information or verification, please feel free to contact me directly.”

Sandra McPherson, Owner, The Designer’s Workroom

“Joanne is extremely professional and self-directed. She stayed on top of deliverables, both hers and mine. Knew what needed to be accomplished and made it happen. Very good with communications and, what I considered her most valuable asset, her confidentiality…She kept me on track for what needed to be accomplished within specific time periods….She is great; organized, efficient, good communicator, trustworthy.”

Don Thornton, CEO, One Touch Systems, Inc.

“One couldn’t ask for more.  Joanne always delivered what was asked of her and then some.  And she usually did it with a smile.  With Joanne you knew the job you asked her to do would get done…My experiences with Joanne were so positive that I would encourage anyone looking for administrative help to give her a try.  Joanne is so bright that she keeps you on your toes much like the legendary Ms Moneypenny.”

Larry Speckels, CFO, One Touch Systems, Inc.

“Joanne proved to be an excellent addition, providing a full range of administrative support to the President as well as to the CEO.  Since our needs and requirements were somewhat different her ability to respond to varying tasks and schedules within the context of her day was important to our success… Joanne is at once professional, competent and personable. She is good at prioritizing; she is organized and works well in a group setting.  Her work product is excellent and she is easy to get along with.”

Rob Allen, CEO, Core-Mark International, Inc.

“Joanne is not only an exceptionally skilled and effective executive assistant, but she also is an unusually resourceful, creative, and collaborative problem solver. A consistent high-level performer who is ever poised and always professional — even in the most demanding work environments — Joanne can always be counted upon to make the right decisions about priorities, means, and efficiency. In addition to knowing how to get the job done right, on time, and within budget, Joanne is also a joy to work with. As an assistant at any level, Joanne is at the top of her class!”

Jay Colombatto, Director, Marketing Communications, Core-Mark International, Inc.

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